Vsam Interview Questions – This page covers vsam interview questions along with answers. + Ibm – Vsam Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What is an alternate index? Question2: How do you create an alternate index? Question3: What. + Vsam Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What is VSAM? Question2: What are the advantages of VSAM? Question3: What are the.

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A Vsam With Alternate Questios The ‘table entries’ must be created via a user program and can vsam interview questions and answers be logically accessed via a user program. This element vvsam behave differently when the CMPR2 vsam interview questions and answers option is used.

Can you name some common VSAM error conditions and codes? No, they would not be left empty. Have you ever lie on your resume? Change Management Interview Questions. The key should exist in the data set. Usually CI is 4K. The control interval is the basic unit of information that is used by VSAM. The path that is defined in this uses an alternate index for the data set that has to be inserted.

Value of 3 for cross system means that any number of jobs can quetions the file for input or output VSAM does nothing to ensure integrity. The program that don’t exist are from VSAM.

What will be the condition code returned to the operating system? It specifies whether Daniela Pestova or Yamila – oops! There are different parameters that are used to provide VSAM services like: The base cluster consists of the data component and the index component for the primary index of vsam interview questions and answers KSDS.


This specify the key value and the unique sequence of the characters that are present in each record. Using vsam interview questions and answers indexes in batch pgms: We are there to guid you on how to prepare for the interview and what sort of questions are being asked. VSAM data space is an area where the direct access to the entire volue is given. PRINT prints the dataset contents.

What Is The Catalog? Flat files are converted into VSAM files by following process: Thus putting any value for freespace does not make any sense.

Default is SHR 1 3. Usually CI is 4K. Entry Sequence Data Set. A cluster is vsam interview questions and answers combination of the index, sequence set and data questionss of the dataset.

This files are defined using virtual tables. It contains the files which are interface specific and accessed through a secondary index RRDS: A VSAM file that has never contained a record is treated as unavailable. Explain what is the meaning of dynamic processing in VSAM? A control interval is the unit of information that VSAM transfers between virtual and auxiliary storage.

VSAM Interview Questions and Answers

Happens on both input and output operation Question This dataset is known as the model dataset. If the user catalog is destroyed the file under the catalog will also be destroyed. Utilize the dd name of the path in CICS file control commands, by using the alternate index. The above program explains that the major sort field begins in position 1 that is 4 bytes vsam interview questions and answers and it is in character CH format.


A cond code of 4 indicates a warning.

VSAM Interview Questions and Answers

Is rewrite operation possible in ESDS? Recovery pre formats the vsam interview questions and answers areas during the initial dataset load, if the job fails, you can restart but you must have a recovery routine already written to restart the job. What are the access method services used in VSAM? Because you cannot insert records in an ESDS, also when you rewrite a record, it must be of the same length.

Calling of IDCAMS from some other computer using the compatible program so that the integrated functionality can be activated that helps in maintaining different catalog facility catalogs. Usual value is 2 3.

DB2 Catalog and Directory Tables. Is it required that primary Key values have to be unique? They are stored without respect to the contents of the records and in the order in which they are included in the file. REPRO is used to copy records from one file to another. If there vsam interview questions and answers a free control interval VSAM performs a control area split by allocating a new control area and moving half of the control intervals to it.

ESDS maintains control information. JCL, has DD statements for cluster and for paths. The sub-parameters use separators to separate themselves from the actual parameters.