The aim of this project is to develop a device to detect rash driving on highways and to alert the traffic authorities in case of any speed violation. Accidents due to . In this section, we have designed a highway speed checker circuit to detect the Fig.2 shows the typical block diagram of speed checker to detect rash driving. 30 May Speed checker on highway using micro controller and IR sensors. Here IR sensor sense the speed of the vehicle and and controller.

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Speed Checker for Highways

Kit is not working……. The installation of lasers and LDRs is shown in Speed checker for highways. Please enter higgways comment! Slide switch S1 is used to select the time period as per the speed limit 40 kmph and 60 kmph, respectively.

If the speed limit exceeds, it sends the data to the traffic police as well as to a control room.

We are checking components, but randomly. Speed checker for highways would request you to go and check your paper status on the below link: Saturday, July 28, Please help me EFY Team! For, working video you can use youtube because it would be better than Circuit Image.

Please check the user friendly website http: Useful Raspberry Pi Projects. Temperature Monitoring on Smartphone. The output of Speed checker for highways triggers the bistable IC4 through gate N2 at the leading edge of the count-start pulse. Hi Ravindra Kumar, click the links below for your exact requirement: When the outputs of IC1 and IC2 go high simultaneously meaning that the vehicle has crossed the preset speed limitoutput pin 3 of gate N1 goes low to trigger monostable timer IC3.

While driving on highways, motorists should not exceed speed checker for highways maximum speed limit permitted for their vehicle. This proposed system consists of a power-supply block, microcontroller, IR sensorsRelays, Buzzer, Lamp and Displays.


Projects on Speed Checker To Detect Rash Driving On Highways

checmer Voltage Regulator as Audio Amplifier. Until now we chedker seen about speed checker to detect rash driving on highways using timer and microcontroller. Please enter your name here. If a vehicle would exceed its speed, automatically the information would reach to the speed checker for highways police station for controlling the speed of the vehicle.

You can download project abstract and seminar presentation also from the website. Speed checker for highways Sunosh As per your requirement, you can mail us on info edgefxkits.

EFY was launched inand is counted amongst the leading publications in the fields of electronics and technology—across the globe. And is there video demonstrating the working according to the given circuit diagram?

Due to this system a lot of time would get wasted. As a result, output pin 3 goes high for the preset period 9 or 6 seconds and LED1 glows to indicate it.

There is no clarity in the circuit diagram. The make up of these highways, sometimes leads to accidents because most of the times, there is no rule to govern speed limits on these highways.

Hi Bunny, Have you Purchased the Project? Hello Researcher, we are happy to announce that now you can check the status of speed checker for highways paper right from the website instead of calling us.

Medical Image Segmentation Medical Image Segmentation is the process of automatic or semi-automatic detection of boundaries within a As per the above equation, for a speed of 40 kmph the display will read or 9 secondsand for a speed of 60 kmph the display will read or 6 seconds. For 40kmph limit the time period is set for 9 seconds using preset Speed checker for highways, while for 60kmph limit the time period is set for 6 speed checker for highways using preset VR2.

We request you to please rectify your blunder mistake! This an ineffective process as after detecting one has to inform the same a of time is wasted.

Speed Checker for Highways | Full Circuit Diagram with Explanation

All the time i used to switch on my speed checker circuit using Ne, the circuit did not hhighways 7 and Pin 8 of get shorted,, thus the circuit is not working. The system displays the time taken speed checker for highways the vehicle speed checker for highways crossing this m distance from higyways pair to the other with a resolution of 0.


Its our humble request to all the researchers to go and check the new method of article submission on below link: Hi Ajay, Click the links below for help: We have started accepting articles by online means directly through website. Hi Shruthi As per your requirement we can suggest you to follow the below link http: The necessity of Laser is here to reduce the resistance of the ldr.

Thank me later just do the connections and see your speed checker for highways work! Also proivde your Order ID for the same. The proposed system checks rash driving by calculating the speed of a vehicle by using the time taken to travel between the two set points placed on the road at a certain distance. Hi Vijay Please visit our website once http: Sir i m a polytechnic student of ece final year.

Speed Checker to Detect Rash Driving on Highways | General Electronics Projects

Speed checker for highways if you have any queries you can mail us at info edgefxkits. Kindly check it and then prepare article Click Here. Print Email To A Friend. Audio frequencies range from 20Hz to 20kHz but these frequencies are not heard in the same way Editorial Board Join as Reviewer. Memory Design Engineer 26 July HI sir,can i see the project video making of speed checker using microcontroller. IC5 can also be reset via diode D2 at power-on as well as when reset switch S2 is pressed.