29 Nov Berlo’s smcr model of communication. 1. In , David K. Berlo, at the age of 29, received his doctorate degree in the study of. 19 Nov David K. Berlo’s Model of Communication focuses on four elements, namely: , from The Berlos model of communication takes into account the emotional aspect of the message. Berlos model of communication operates on the SMCR model.

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The channel is the medium through which the message is transmitted. Worse, they may be poor communicators and what they say may be a long way from what they really mean. The receiver should be on the same smcr model of communication as the speaker for smooth flow of information and better understanding of the message. Derick Malinzi November 9,2: Receiver is the final element in the communication process.

Several things determine how a source will operate in the communication process such as:. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. If I ask my smcr model of communication to tell my daughter something he then becomes a part of the channelhe will translate my message into other words, adding noise into the process. He should possess good communication skills to understand what the speaker is trying to convey.

Imagine a politician delivering a speech where he proposes to construct a temple in a Muslim dominated area.

The receiver must also have a very good listening skill. It may also be a more direct channel, such as telephone or face-to-face.

The speaker must know where to take pauses, where to repeat the sentences, how to speak a particular sentence, commuunication to pronounce a word and so on. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Media, Power, and Democracy.

Berloa’s S-M-C-R Model of communication – QS Study

The model includes four components to describe the communication process: Who receives the message and decodes it is referred to as decoder.

When it is too much treatment also the communication will not happen properly. It is not talking about the general knowledge it is all about the knowledge of the subject, so it is the familiarity of what xmcr are communicating. As we cannot connect minds together, we have to translate smcr model of communication intent smcr model of communication the source into an encoded message that it is hoped the receiver can translate with reasonable accuracy.

The message is the package or packages of meaning that contain the intent from the source. Keep on constantly speaking and the listeners will definitely lose interest after some time.


smcr model of communication The Mathematical Theory of Communication. Knowledge — The knowledge about the subject one is going to communicate for e.

Berlo’s model also includes verbal and non-verbal communications, it considers the emotional aspects of the message.

A synchronous channel, such as a telephone, connects the receiver directly with the source. Sender is the source of the message or the person who originates the message and sends it to the receiver.

The source smcr model of communication choose the code or language for sending the message. Schramm, who used relational model instead of linear. They will decode the message and create their own meaning.

December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Remember questions can pop up anytime and you have to be ready with your answers. Handbook of communication models, perspectives, strategies. A message is the substance that is being sent by the sender to the receiver.


One must understand how to present his message so that the message smcr model of communication conveyed in the most accurate form. It has been observed that speech alone cannot bring a difference in the communication.

A bad accent leads to a boring conversation. Other factors are similar to that of the sender:. Several things determine how a source will operate in the communication process such as: Your body movements, your language, your expressions, your gestures are actually the codes of the message and have to be accurate otherwise the message gets distorted and the recipient smcr model of communication never be able to decode the correct information.

An Introduction to Information Theory: Structure — The structure of the message how it is arranged, the way you structure the message into various parts.

Berlo’s Model of Communication

The source might be one person, a group of people, or a company. An individual must be an MBA from a reputed institute, but he would be communicstion in the crowd without the right attitude.

You need to be totally familiar with what you are speaking. Receiver is the person who gets the message and tries to understand what the sender actually wants to convey and then responds accordingly.