Kandhar Sashti Kavasam by Sri ThEvarAya SwAmigaL (translation version 1) Translated to English by P.R. Ramachander .. So it means – we should chant Kandha shashti Kavacham without any desire or malams). This Skanda Sashti. Thudhiporku valvinaipom thunbam pom nenjil. Padhiporku selvam palithuk kadhithoangum. Nishtaiyun kaikoodum nimalar arul kandhar sashti kavasandhanai. KANDHA SASHTI. KAVACHAM. Created by. Kandamangalam K.S. Gopala Dekshidhar Page 1 of 4 .

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Vetrivel vayitrai vilangave kaakka. Saranam saranam saravana bhava Oam. Your beautiful legs and ankletted feet englissh a harmonious blend of melodious notes most pleasing to the ear.

Kanda Sasti Kavacam in Tamil and English

He whose form is strong and dazzling, praise be to Thee! The devotee who reads it will enjoy every good fortune under the sun. Vaazhga vaazhga Malaik gura vaazhga. Endranai yaalum yeragach chelva.

O Lord of the Vel, who is garlanded with vedchi flowers, praise be to Thee! Grant kantha sasti kavasam lyrics in english Lakshmi resides in my arms! Those who are unable to fast for a whole day for a six-day duration, can eat just one meal during this period. Petrava neeguru poruppa dhunkadan.

Nibava charavana niranira nirena. Muruha, you sever the cords of Samsaric birth!


Kandhar Shashti Kavasam Sri ThEvarAya SwAmigaL கந்தர் சஷ்டி கவசம் ஸ்ரீ தேவராய சுவாமிகள்

Protect the two cheeks – O brilliant Vel! Hallowed be He who has the cockrel as emblem on his flag! Kaiyil velaalenai kaakkavendru vandhu. Muttu muttu muzhigall pidhungida. Kollivaip peygalum kuralaip peygalum.

It is also chanted to avoid as well as negate all kind of ill kantha sasti kavasam lyrics in english and black magic. Naasiga lirandum nalvel kaakkaa. Dudududu dudududu dudududu dududu.

So please protect me with love, give me food and wealth, Oh Velayudha slowly and gracefully. May both men and women be pleased with me! Adiyen vadhanam azhaguvel kaakka. May they shiver in fear, roll in agony, scream in terror, and flee in utter fear of me!

O Warlord of the Devas, praise be to Thee! Your silken sash and girdle encircle your full waist, with a nine-gemmed diadem adorning your silken robes. Mundhu mundhu mayiloan mundhu.

Saravana bavane sailoli bhavane. Maindhan vendum varamagizhn dhudhavum. Protect me, O Lord, from the attacks of tigers, foxes, wolves, rats, and bears!

Kanaboojai kollum kaaliyo danaivarum. Unknown 7 November at Tamil in Roman letters. Munkai yirandum muranvel kaakka.

The location of his principal gopuram on the western side of the temple instead of on to the east as kantha sasti kavasam lyrics in english usual to mark the entrance of any temple of importance, is possibly to wisely take advantage of the hardened sandstone rocks and the cliffs nearby to place its large foundations.


Amararidar theera amaram purindha kumaranadi nenje kuri. This Skanda Sashti Kavacham, Which has been composed, By the young Deva Rayan, And meditate on that god with concentration, And wear the sacred ash, Will get the great blessings, Of all the devas from all eight directions, And the guardians of the eight directions. O Lord of Samarapuri, also known as Lyrucs

Kudaichchal silandhi kudalvip purudhi. Vaadhanj chayithiyam valippup piththam. Protect the chest – O bejewelled Vel!

Noakka noakka nodiyinil noakka. Kindly provide the brief benefits of this Kavacham Kuramagal manamagizh kove poatri. Catch and catch the fire of the Sun, Set fire, set fire till they wilt in the fire, Throw and throw your Vel till they scare and run.

Allar paduththum adanga muniyum. Im janamum oruvazhip poakkum. Mind, oh mine, meditate Kantha sasti kavasam lyrics in english the feet of that Young God, Kabtha waged the war, To end the problems of devas, great.