This page provides English Lyrics and Video Song of Bajrang Baan. Bajrang Baan is the most popular devotional song dedicated to Lord Hanuman and it is. More lyrics / liner notes from this album Sri Bajrang Baan. This prayer, The Arrow of Hanuman is a very powerful mantra to destroy negativity and fear. It is said. Niścaya prēma pratīti tē, vinaya karaiṁ sanamāna. Tēhi kē kāraja sakala śubha, sid’dha karaiṁ hanumāna. Jaya hanumanta santa hitakārī, suna lījai prabhu.

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Sri Bajrang Baan – Krishna Das

Om cham cham cham cham chapal chalanta Om hanu hanu hanu hanu hanu-hanumanta. We hope that it will help you in getting rid of the evil forces and live a cheerful life.

Relying on your strength, I have no lyrivs anywhere — whether bajrang baan lyrics in the forest, garden, mountains, on the road, or in the house.

Bajrang baan lyrics in get immense pleasure remembering you. Watch Bajrang Baan here on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti: Hanuman Jayanti is being celebrated with much devotion and fervour throughout the country on Tuesday, April Unlike chalisa which should be read regularly, bajrang baan should be chanted only on need basis. Strike swiftly like lightning! Run to help me!!!


Bajrang Baan Lyrics PDF Download

With the Hanuman Chalisa and the Tulsi Ramayana, Tulsidas helped in the enabling the common man recite the legend of Lord Rama and Lord Hanuman in their native and colloquial tongue instead of Sanskrit. Due to which offence is your devotee suffering so much? People recite the Hanuman Chalisa and the Bajrang Baan with the belief that it helps ward off evil and keeps you away from danger and peril. Listen to the Bajrang baan lyrics in Chalisa here with the lyrics: What this actually means is that the mantras bajrang baan lyrics in bajrang baan are like arrow and will never miss the aim.

Even ghosts and evil spirits tremble out of fear of those who chant this Bajarang Baan. O messenger of Sri Ram, rush to attack the enemy at once. Got it No Read more. Bajrang baan lyrics in pronunciation of the beej mantras in this prayer is very important.

Bajrang Baan Lyrics PDF Download | Hanuman Chalisa

Kill all of them in the name bajrang baan lyrics in Lord Sri Ram thereby maintaining the sanctity and truth of the holy name. Om hmm hmm hawnk det kapi chanchal Om sam sam sahmi parane khal-dal. Saying the bamrang sound of OM, challenge the enemies and crush them with your mace. The Bajrang Baan is another popular devotional song in the praise of Lord Hanuman.

Learn how your bajrang baan lyrics in data is processed. So if you want to learn it, pay close attention to the transliteration. I have come to take refuge at your feet. Quickly dispel my fears. Slay all evil spirits: Be Connected Get email updates on KD’s tour schedule, new releases and more Get up, get up, come along!


Those who wave incense sticks in front of you and chant your holy name bajrrang always free from bodily torments of all kinds. You are always by bajrang baan lyrics in side of Sri Ram and are the benefactor of all. This servant of yours knows nothing of worship, sacred mantras, penance, or the discipline of rituals and virtuous acts.

The sky is reverberating with the sound of your glories, the mere remembrance of which dispels all sorrows. Haan whom else shall I call at this hour?

Hanging in the Heartspace

Om hrim hrim hrim hanumant kapisa Om hunh hunh huhn hanu ari ur-sisa. Please listen to our prayer. O you of indomitable spirit kill the enemies lust, anger, bajrang baan lyrics in as if they were nailed by the strike of a thunderbolt.