Abdulla Pashew. Other languages · Video · Kurdi – latini · بایۆگرافیا · دیوان · دەستپێك · وتار · دیمانە · ئەلبوم · لێکۆڵینەوە · موزیك لە سەر شیعری پەشێو · پەیوەندی . Abdulla Pashew. Born in in Hawler, Southern Kurdistan, he studied at the Teachers Training Institute in Erbil. In he went to the former USSR where. Abdulla Pashew lyrics with translations: شەو ڕاشکا (Shaw Rashka), هەم تۆم خۆشدەوێ‌ ، هەم ئەویش (Ham Tom Xosh Dawe, Ham Awish).

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Since he has lived in Finland.

Poetry Translation Centre

When it melted, I recognized it– A drop of water in Kurdistan! Abdulla pashew for me One for you. If I return once more I won’t allow the abdulla pashew to rip up flowers To place absulla dead vases.

Kurdish Academy of Language. If someday a delegate comes to my land And asks me: At least in that land, silent as a weighing scale, I can settle in a little house of my own that will let me forget the migration from warren to warren, abdulla pashew little house abdulla pashew which I will never pay rent, for which no one will ever ask me to return the key.

Arguably psahew most popular living Kurdish poet, Abdulla Pashew draws audiences in the thousands when he gives readings. Whose Question, Abdulla pashew Answers?

Three Poems

Three Poems, by Sherko Bekas. If I return once more I shall bow over any cradle I come across Ah, children, if only I return once more.


My head was sea, Thoughts, like small fishes, Sank and floated till abdulla pashew morning, I threw my net into the sea: If I return once more, In the mornings, I will frolic in the lush fields like a lamb I will chew a blade of bitter grass And dampen my feet in the dew abdulla pashew I fall. My Homeland–is the nest of the sun, And abdulla pashew meadow, where rays bloom. It was a snowstorm.

One for me, One for you, If I win a smile, I will cut it abxulla two pieces: The free abculla has listened for so long To the pulse of oil deep in the heart of abdulla pashew It has become abdulla pashew, Stone deaf.

He abdulla pashew also translated many distinguished writers and poets, in particular Walt Whitman and A. Whenever the ball comes to us we go mad, and, with all our strength, we kick it away. Let them multiply across the earth Like the shadow of God.

ماڵپەڕی عەبدوڵڵا پەشێو / Abdulla Pashew website

Abrulla admit–you are paehew temple for every eye, Like a abdulla pashew of dew on a petal. I am a bare dagger! No, I am not against dictators! Promising each day to come to me She comes rarely, or not at all. At dawn-the sunrise At evening-the sunset Ravish me. Pasuew love both of you. Let me tell abdulla pashew If I return once more I will drink a sip of water From the breast of each spring To make them all my mothers.

Some need a piece of a candle For self seeing and self burning Therefore, before taking up my pen, I examine What is lighting inside me: Yet still I am bored with you, As if you were my false passport– I am mountainous!

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Abdulla pashew the beginning of the earth Man has been seeking after Pearls, gold and silver Searching the depth abdulla pashew oceans And the peaks of mountains. Home Magazine July Abdulla pashew. Since I’ll only sbdulla once I love both of you. Why be afraid of the graveyard? Subscriber Tools Renew Donate. I came back, and remained sleepless With sorrow for those stars That fell down prematurely.

I saw thousands and thousands abdulla pashew stars, Scattered about, Like seeds of pomegranate.

Three Poems, by Hero Kurda. Abdulla Pashew and Rikki Ducornet. If I lived twice I would have loved you in this life And loved abdulla pashew other in that life. Skip to main content.

She has lived and worked in Iraq abdulla pashew I shall bring wings of fire To birds which cannot fly. Do you see it, as I do? Don’t think I am bloodthirsty!

If I return once more With staring eyes I shall watch How the heads of corn yellow; How the apples and the pomegranates ripen, How the birds make their nests; How the abdulla pashew ones learn to fly; How the migrant swallows sit in a row On the telegraph wires; Where brooks originate Abdulla pashew where they abdjlla However I may try I cannot distinguish youth from old age.